Does Trump want to be world’s policeman after all?

President Donald Trump’s launch of two major military strikes in the last two weeks raises a question about his 2016 declaration that the US can no longer be the world’s policeman: Has Trump changed his mind?

Eighty-six days into the new administration, the President seems to pivoting away from the “America First” doctrine that drove his campaign and foreshadowed a withdrawal from the world stage. Some of Trump’s foreign policy decisions still seem to reflect that protectionist view — in particular his decision to slash the budget for US diplomacy.

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A digital makeover for China’s political propaganda

China has been trying and failing for years to get its people, especially its young people, to care about its political system. Could it now be close to working out how to do just this  – by embracing new platforms for its propaganda?

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North Korea missile launch fails day after military parade

A North Korean missile has detonated soon after launch, South Korean and US military officials have said, a day after Pyongyang warned the US amid rising tension in the region.

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Any outcome possible in French presidential election

 “Tous les scenarios sont possibles. Tous.”

You can hear the frustration in the radio talk show host’s voice. He and his panel have spent half an hour trying to predict the next president of France in elections that start in just over a week – or even which two candidates will make the second round run-off, of the four currently within a margin of error difference in the polls.

They’ve ended with a Gallic shrug. “Anything is possible.”

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